The perks of being flexible

Beside it being just down right awesome to rock the splits as a party trick, flexibility leads to better quality of life and movement. Why? The more flexible you are the more you can do with your body.

Here are our top perks for being more flexible!

  1. Effortless movement – The more flexibility you have around your joints the more effortlessly you can move your body. Joint flexibility allows the muscles to be used to their full potential, increasing your range of motion. Whether it’s for sport or just every day simple tasks like picking up a baby, shopping or cleaning, unrestricted free flowing movement is how everyone should aim to be able to move their body.
  2. Improved athletic performance– Flexibility is key to enhancing athletic performance. The more flexible you are the more motor control you have to efficiently move your body. Poor flexibility in the joints leads to limited range of motion and less activation of muscles which results in poor form or technique. Full range of motion around your joints allows you to engage the full potential of your muscles increasing muscle strength and size. You need a balance of length and strength in the muscles to optimize your sporting performance.
  3. Better Posture- Besides the health benefits of having healthy spinal alignment, good Posture also shows off a toned, Muscular physique. The key to good spinal alignment is stretching all muscle groups. Stiff muscles can cause a change reaction across the body, leading to overexertion and pulling on another muscle or joint resulting in bad posture.
  4. Prevents Injury- The more limber you are the less chance you have of an unexpected injury. Flexibility allows the muscles to move unrestricted and freely through full range of movement. Relaxed muscles are prepped to react to quick and unexpected movements. Tight, overused muscles are constantly shortened, have less range of motion and are more like to result in strains.
  5. Relaxation and Improved Circulation- Ever wondered why yogis are so Zen? Flexibility improves not only your range of movement but your health and well-being. Stress causes your body to tense up, restricting circulation of nutrients and oxygen to your organs.  Stretching helps move blood flow to your muscles and joints increasing circulation. Fun fact, Improved circulation is also known to help prevent illnesses’ such as diabetes, heart and kidney disease!

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