The Pilates Space 6 Week Challenge

“Discover just how amazing your body can feel when it’s both flexible and strong”

Calling all people that want to feel AMAZING, this challenge is for you!

Join us over 6 weeks and discover your most confident body yet. Not your average “get shredded” challenge, this challenge is designed to make you FEEL GOOD and realise just how amazing your body can feel when It’s both flexible and strong.

This Challenge is for absolute everyone and caters for all levels of fitness (no previous Pilates experienced necessary) The goal of this Challenge is to inspire you to move and enjoy fitness in a friendly inclusive environment. Movement is meant to be fun, not punishment!

What you can expect?
Pilates is the foundation of all movement. You can expect to increase strength, flexibility and co-ordination whilst shaping a long, strong physique. Also expect to become a complete Reformer Pilates addict- it’s addictive and result speak for themselves.

How does the Challenge work?
Over 6 weeks we challenge you to give your body some love and commit to 24 classes in 42 days. The Classes are yours’s to use as you wish over the 6-week period, giving you the flexibility to schedule the number you do weekly to work around your work/life balance. If you complete all 24 Classes in 42 days, you go in for a chance to win an indulgent prize to reward you for 6 weeks of commitment to your health and fitness.

Do I have to do certain classes?
No, we want you to enjoy your time at our studio and therefore want you to pick the classes that inspire you to move! We have 5 different classes in the studio designed to suit every Mood, style and fitness level. On that note though, this is a feel-good challenge, designed for you to realise just how amazing your body can feel when it’s both flexible and strong. We strongly suggest picking a mix of different classes, so you get a well-rounded fitness regime and reap the full benefits of what our studio has to offer. If you like we can give you an exercise plan to work evenly on strength, balance and flexibility.

The Details
Cost $375
Includes- 24 Reformer Pilates Classes, Motivational/Support group and End of challenge party (to celebrate with your new-found Pilates friends!)

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