BROlates – 5 facts about why real men do Pilates

There is massive misconception and stigma in the Fitness industry that Pilates is demasculating and for females. This gets even more humorous when people sub categories it as just for dancers, and as a slow gentle workout. Here are 5 facts to make you realise why Pilates isn’t just for girls!

  • Joseph Pilates was a MAN– Just in case you have been living under a rock and didn’t realise Pilates was invented by a MAN for MEN. Joseph Pilates created Pilates during the World War 1 to rehabilitate injured men. That’s right, Pilates was originally created for guys.
  • Improve SPORTS Performance- Whether your professional athlete or just a weekend warrior Pilates holds the key to unleash your full potential. Pilates focuses on fine tuning exercises that pay attention to improving posture, creating muscular balance so the body is aligned. Pilates combines flexibility and strength.  Strengthens and lengthening the muscles reduce likeliness of injury.
  • It’s a hard-core workout that works your CORE- Joseph Pilates rocked a 6 pack till his late 80’s and you can too! Pilates works the whole     core, focus on strengthening your deep core stabilizing muscles which form the foundation for all movement patterns.
  • It works more MUSCLES- Pilates works both the global and stabilizing muscles of the body. Smaller stabilizing muscles are usually neglected or dominated in the Gym and in everyday life. Pilates targets muscles you didn’t even know you had!
  • Pilates is FUNCTIONAL Fitness- Pilates was inspired by Josephs love of Martial arts, Gymnastics, Skiing, Boxing, Body building and Yoga. This lead to an all-round workout that creates better quality of movement, body awareness and control. Pilates increases- Flexibility, Muscle strength and endurance, Balance and Co- Ordination. Nothing girly about creating a better quality of life!

So, ask yourself, are you man enough to try Pilates? Brolates, we are making it a thing.



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