Welcome to The Pilates Space

Newcastle’s Premier Boutique Pilates Studio. We bring a flare to Pilates that Newcastle has never experienced, specialising in small group Reformer Pilates and offering a range of classes to suit every mood, style and fitness level.


Pilates focuses on Strength, Flexibility and Balance. Traditional Pilates creates body awareness and fine tunes motor skills. Pilates Focuses on slow controlled exercises that activate the core and improve spinal alignment.

Dynamic Pilates uses functional movement patterns combining traditional elements of Pilates with a cardio flare. Dynamic Pilates classes are designed to flow quicker than traditional Pilates, using controlled but continuous movement patterns. This keeps the heart rate high and increases cardiovascular fitness. Our Dynamic Pilates classes use both reformer beds and props to create a full body workout that challenges you through all planes of movement.

We pride ourselves on being New Age reformer Pilates specialists. Our technically trained instructors don’t just teach textbook moves but bring their own personality, specialised skills and experience to their classes. Get ready to challenge the way you perceive movement.

Our Classes

Our classes are offered in convenient 50-minute blocks and are designed to energise the body whilst creating lean muscle mass. Our full body workouts not only shape and tone a long, strong physique but improve flexibility, strength and coordination.  50 minutes is all it takes to feel strong, body-confident and fit!

We keep our class numbers small, so you’re not just a number but part of our community. With only 10 reformer beds per class, everyone gets personalised one-on-one treatment in a fun, social environment. Get ready to sweat, shake and laugh your way to the core!

Our Studio

At the Pilates Space our vision is to create a space where our clients feel welcome, inspired and motivated to move. We aim to create a community that embodies movement and empowers others to reach their full potential.  Consistent with the Boutique feel, our studio is designed to be a sanctuary where you can take time out from your busy day. 

Our studio is equipped with 10 top-of-the-line Allegro 2 Reformer beds, offering the ultimate Pilates experience. Complimentary water and towels are also provided.