7 reasons why Pilates is great for pregnancy

Pilates is fantastic for pre-and post-pregnancy. Staying active during your pregnancy not only helps to prepare you for labour but keeps your body toned, making it much easier to return to your pre-baby body once your bundle of joy has arrived.

Here are our top seven reasons why you should pick Pilates to keep moving with your bump.

  • It’s low impact – Pilates is one of the safest ways to continue to move your body during pregnancy. It’s a lot less stressful on the body than other forms of exercise and the movements are taken slow and controlled.
  • It Strengthens your core – While crunching is a big no-no, you still want to be working your deep core stabilising muscles. Not only will a strong core assist during labour and bouncing back to your pre-baby body, but will help to stabilise the pelvis. During pregnancy, your body produces the hormone relaxin, which causes ligaments to become more flexible. Strengthening your deep core stabilizing muscles helps to counter the laxity of these ligaments following childbirth.
  • It teaches you to control your Pelvic Floor – Pilates not only teaches you how to strengthen your pelvic floor (PMF) but also how to release these muscles. Kegel pelvic floor exercises can assist in a quicker labour and post-natal recovery. Pilates strengthens the muscles that sit under the pelvis supporting your bladder and bowel, and reduces the risk of incontinence. While it is important to know how to lift these muscles in a contraction (Kegel), it is also vital to know how to relax these muscles, as they are constantly straining from the weight of the baby.
  • It focuses on breathing – Just as in labour, breathing is a key focus in Pilates. During class, we teach you how to deepen your breath using three-dimensional breathing. Learning to control your breath by practising through challenging exercises is great preparation for labour.
  • It’s relaxing – Movement truly heals and low impact exercises helps to calm the body. Pilates is a great stress reliever, and give you a chance to switch off from the outside world and let the mind slow down.
  • It helps you maintain a healthy weight – It’s important to keep moving during your pregnancy to not only stay healthy and fit but also to maintain a healthy weight. Whilst it’s normal to gain weight as your baby grows, too much extra weight gain can lead to an increased chance of gestational diabetes. Pilates is gentle on the body, and can be incorporated into your exercises routine two to three times a week.
  • It speeds up recovery post-partum – Pilates help strengthen, lengthen and tone the body. Staying active and in shape throughout your pregnancy will help you bounce back to your pre-baby body.

At the Pilates Space, we offer specialised pre-and post-natal classes designed to enable you to safely exercise during your pregnancy and beyond. With tailored exercises programs to assist in a fast return to your pre-baby body and aid in muscle tone and strength following the birth. Check out our schedule to find out when classes are on!

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